Fear of Change

Now I bet you have heard this a lot in life and probably experienced it many times change appears in your life. No matter what the change may be, whether personal or professional, there is always that element of excitement and fear.

Remember these are just feelings and they are natural. Feelings are felt in the body and they can affect decisions that we make every day. The best way to deal with a feeling of fear…look at it and break it down into small manageable bitesize chunks that makes it easier to deal with .

All you are doing is working on changing the feeling. By putting your practical hat on and breaking it down, you are slowly eliminating the fear feeling and overcoming the fear and welcoming the change into your life.

It really is that simple.

Change is good and it brings us contrast which shapes our lives and builds us up instead of tearing us down. So don’t be afraid of a little feeling of fear…remember it is just a feeling in the body, which can be turned around in a moment through practical thinking and the will to embrace change and growth in life.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo


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